Victor and Candy Navone

What an amazing experience working with Candy, Victor and their two beautiful girls, Annabelle and Violet.  They were not only kind and very helpful but it was fun in watching so much creativity from each member of the family. Candy's CARS necklace, Victor's playfulness with his kids, the "Princess" Violet and the extremely smart Anna Belle, made the work fun.  I had some surprises in fixing the 1951 style home.  Among them was the period hardware doorbell and door knocker.  The colors they chose were also special in that we matched the vegetation surrounding their home.   The greens were perfect in front and back while the deep blue really added to the back portion over the play ground and upper story.  All in all the transition from gloomy grey to vibrant life colors make the home one of my favorites in CA.  Thanks for everything!



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